Thursday, January 11, 2018

Auction FAQ

Here are questions we get often:

- Is there any upfront money to sell my stuff?

No we handle all the labor and advertising expenses

- Do people have to be present to bid?

No we conduct public online auctions, bidders can input their max bid.

- How do I get paid?

We normally pay with a company check

- Is there a fee to bid?

No but you must have a credit card with at least $100 in available credit to register

- Will everything sell for $1?

No, our Auctions do very well or we could not stay in business

- Can I put a reserve on my items?

No bidders don't like reserves and often will not bid on items that have them

- Will you guarantee me an amount?

That depends on each particular deal

- When will I get paid?

You get paid 7-10 days after the removal day

- What are your auction fees?

Commissions range from 19% to 50%

- How many bidders attend your auctions?

We anticipate several hundred bidders for each auction.

Thank you,

Craig Casey
Escondido Auctions

Western Surety #63172784
Mobile 1 619-787-4906

1520 Industrial Ave Suite E
Escondido, Ca 92029

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