Thursday, January 11, 2018

Estate Sale vs. Auctions

There are key differences are between an auction and an estate sale.

A tag sale involves hiring an Estate Seller who may give a low guarantee on the entire estate and price items with a white tag or sale price. Some Estate Sellers have no advertising budget, and may rely on no more than "Estate Sale" Signs posted on nearby intersections.  Estate Sales are often done on a weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or Saturday and Sunday.

The first day of the Tag sale be in Friday or Saturday the items will be 100% of the tag price (or negotiable).  The second day the items will be 50% of the tag price (or negotiable).  The Final day they may be marked down 75%.  After the sale Estate Sellers will invite their family, friends and asscoiates to make insider deals on the remaining inventory. There is a lot of pressure on the Estate Seller to clear the house for escrow and to show results. 

Estate sellers often will buy an estate for a ridiclously low amount compared to the value. Families and Survivors will be anxious for closure and may not be familiar with how much their parents, grandparents and in laws items are worth. 

At Estate Sales:

-The items remain until sold

-Buyers have to be present

-Prices may be negotiatable

-Pricing has downwards pressure

-A large portion of the items do not sell

-A maximum $ is esablished for each item

-Local foot traffic

-Pay very little for advertising

-Mistakes pricing items

-Estate Sellers are not bonded

-May not have the required California Seller's Permit 

-No guaranteed amount on how much the merchandise will bring

-No client protection

At Our Public Online Auction:

-Items can be removed and stored elsewhere

-Bidders do not have to be present

-Pricing has upwards pressure,  no maximum prices

-Buyers know that they will win any item where they outbid all others

-100% of the items sell

-Clients are protected via an Auction bond in California

-No guaranteed amount on how much the merchandise will bring

We feel our auction compares very well to a tag or estate sale

Thank you,

Craig Casey
Escondido Auctions

Western Surety #63172784
Mobile 1 619-787-4906

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Escondido, Ca 92029

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