Friday, May 24, 2019

Temecula Overstock Auction

Pallets of New, Unopened, Unused Merchandise.

Lots start closing Sunday, June 02, 2019  |  5:15 PM Pacific

Thank you,

Craig J. Casey
Escondido Auctions

Insured by Suretec Insurance
bond #3401612

876 North Broadway 
Escondido, CA 92025

Lot Number Lot Title
100 Entire Pallet Fire Extinguisher Boxes
101 3 pallets buckets 1.3g 3000 estimated units
102 buckwheat pillows 16 cases of 8 100 total units
103 Entire Pallet Alliance Lens AL 150-LENS AL100
104 plastic knives 2485 Per box 40 boxes ...location Southside
105 Pallet of Ceiling Lights ...location Southside CL-27145
106 Pallet of Blue Cleaner Pads 3M 5300 23inch location Southside
107 2 Pallets Cealing Lights location Southside CL-27145
111 Sponge Oil Absorbing Sponge Breg Suck It Up location Southside
108 Pallet of Trade Master Wall Plates Electrical location Southside Pass Seymour
109 Pallet of Samsung Portable Speakers ASP600 location Southside
110 Pallet of OKI B721 Printer No Cords location Southside
112 Pallet of Cloth Rolls 14-0126 Location Southside
113 Pallet of Miscellaneous Beauty Items Location Southside
114 Pallet of Champane Commercial Floor Pads Buffer Location Southside
115 Pallet of Belts
116 Pallet of Folding Portable Speaker I2! Location Southside
117 Pallet of Commercial Floor Pads
118 Entire Pallet Belkin Computer Sleeves Location Southside 722868636756
119 Pallet of Deluxe Welco Sponge Mops Location Southside
120 Pallet of Ceiling Fan Blade Brush
121 Pallet of Ceiling Liberty Light USPAR Location Southside
122 Pallet of Brillo Commercial Floor Pads Location Southside
123 Pallet of 6 inch IC Can Lights with Swivel Bar Location Southside
124 Pallet of Sound Advance Loudspeakers Location Southside FN1M 40057 Sound Advance
125 Pallet of Talk Safe Micro Antenna 00838 Location Southside 674986008383
126 Pallet of Homedics Buckwheat Neck Pillows Shangri-la
127 Pallet of Stripper Wallpaper Removal Kit Location Southside
129 office chairs estimated 100 units location Northside
128 rubbermaid 2455-06 iron organizer Location Southside
132 brushed silver metal lids location Northside
131 multi-flo filters 2 pallets various sizes location Northside
133 weg hv22rs hydrovane weg premium efficiency motor generator location northside warehouse
136 Pallet of Surgical Mask
137 pallet wooden shims 27 Cases Location Southside 92412 sku-879-282
138 entire pallet table clothes oblong dinner table 54in x 108in Spendor Location Southside
139 Pallet of Wood Shims 92412 Handymans
140 homedics buckwheat pillow pw-100 19 cases Location Southside
141 Pallet of Hand Dusters
142 Pallet of Plastic Bags 10x16
143 Pallet of Rechargeable Battery Charger 76683281325
144 Pallet of HP Laser Jet Accessories Tray Used
145 hangers various entire gaylord 40 bundles location southside
146 entire pallet jebsee antennas location southside
147 entire pallet jebsee antennas location southside DAE-101c
148 antennas entire pallet 20 cases 5 per case DAE-101C
149 antennas 36 cases 5 per case location southside
150 Pallet of Hair Accessories location southside
151 Pallet of Wheels Rubber location Outside
152 Pallet of Rubber Wheels location outside

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